It was a great week at First Congregational Church of Hopkinton, in Hopkinton, MA!  The entire congregation was ready for World Vision to set up Africa in their building, it was a highly energy and wonderful week.

We had many school groups come through, here is a story from when I debriefed with a group:

“I was debriefing with 40 7th – 8th graders after they walked through one morning. I was using some of the discussion questions we have, then had them get into groups and discuss more. After I pulled everyone back together I asked what they talked about. A 7th grade boy in the first row immediately raised his hand and said his group talked about what they take for granted. I proceeded to ask him what that was, and he said, “a roof.” More students chimed in and said, “my faucet,” “my friends,” and “my parents.” “

It was amazing to see such young students understand and process the Experience.

FCCH is very connected with a community World Vision works with in Malawi, they were determined to get all the kids sponsored in this area — and they succeeded — thank you!

The church also took it upon themselves to write a blog for each day we were there, check it out here: (if you scroll down you’ll see the prayer wall cards…powerful stuff!)  You can read Pastor Mike’s blog (the senior pastor) as well by clicking here:

Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers, visitors and the planning team for making our week amazing!

— Ange