June 2010

Galatians 5:13, “The entire law is summed up in one command: Love your neighbor as yourself”

In Galatians, when Paul urges the believers to take care of others in love, he expressed so much compassion that he compared it to a law. What if it was a crime to not love, when so much love is required? That turns my mind to a new vantage point and demonstration of understanding compassion.

We just completed another Experience: AIDS week in Cincinnati. The gracious hosts, from Vineyard Community Church, created a unique environment surrounding the exhibit. Our week coincided with SOS, or Summer of Service, an outreach event drawing at least one thousand kids from across the states (even from Ireland and the Netherlands), in one place to minister to the greater Cincinnati community. A week full of intense activity focused on serving; To show love.

What a privilege to see God’s hand at work in different lives daily, opening these kids heart to embrace the sometimes harsh reality of today. I was encouraged specifically for the hearts these young people were longing for, to be aching to help people, then acting upon it, and wanting to do it again, and again.

Each SOS attendee was able to visit the exhibit, along with the general public.  Another great opportunity to share worldwide opportunities to get involved, while allowing Cincinnati to be a training ground for the heart.

Through all, may the Lord be honored by the work done by these kids, by the lives of folks who sponsored children, and by the folks who walked through saying ‘I need to do something.’ May SOS be an around the clock phenomenon, used by the Lord to spread His message through love.

And Lord, thank you for the opportunity to be involved, we are grateful.

Have a safe holiday, next stop: Tacoma, WA!



Dear friends,

We just finished a great week for the Experience here in Santa Rosa, a city about 45 minutes north of San Francisco.  A group of fourteen Churches in the region came together to bring the Experience to the local fairgrounds and it was a pleasure to work with the people who came to serve here this week.  Each day a different church would provide the volunteers for the day.  It really was an encouragement to see the fellowship of the Sonoma County Churches.

The World Vision Experience was officially endorsed and opened by the Mayor of Santa Rosa, and the city declared it “AIDS Awareness Week. ”  It was great to have the support of the local government for the tourstop as well.

Throughout our mostly sunny and warm week in Santa Rosa, we saw many people come through and we were glad to see many children sponsored.  Now we move onto the next stop: Cincinnati, Ohio~!

Thanks for your prayers,