April 2010

It was a great week at First Congregational Church of Hopkinton, in Hopkinton, MA!  The entire congregation was ready for World Vision to set up Africa in their building, it was a highly energy and wonderful week.

We had many school groups come through, here is a story from when I debriefed with a group:

“I was debriefing with 40 7th – 8th graders after they walked through one morning. I was using some of the discussion questions we have, then had them get into groups and discuss more. After I pulled everyone back together I asked what they talked about. A 7th grade boy in the first row immediately raised his hand and said his group talked about what they take for granted. I proceeded to ask him what that was, and he said, “a roof.” More students chimed in and said, “my faucet,” “my friends,” and “my parents.” “

It was amazing to see such young students understand and process the Experience.

FCCH is very connected with a community World Vision works with in Malawi, they were determined to get all the kids sponsored in this area — and they succeeded — thank you!

The church also took it upon themselves to write a blog for each day we were there, check it out here: connectingwithsheila.blogspot.com (if you scroll down you’ll see the prayer wall cards…powerful stuff!)  You can read Pastor Mike’s blog (the senior pastor) as well by clicking here: connectingwithpastormike.blogspot.com

Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers, visitors and the planning team for making our week amazing!

— Ange

This last week we had the privilege of venturing south to Dallas and joining Park Cities Baptist Church to host The Experience at Southern Methodist UniversityThe Experience was held in a tent on campus, which withstood pouring rain, high wind, sunshine, and even snow!  Quite a lot of crazy weather!

A highlight from the site was having a volunteer share their faith while handing out tickets to The Experience.  The person they were sharing their faith with, is now a new sister in Christ!  Another family had been praying about adopting a child for some time.  The door had not been opened for them to adopt, but they were able to sponsor a hope child and were very happy to give a brother to their two girls through sponsorship, instead of through adoption.

We also had a place in the Marketplace for students to learn about the Gulu Children of War Rehabilitation Center, and ACT:S — the World Vision Activism Network for college students.  It was great to see students get involved!

Thank you to PCBC for hosting The Experience at SMU, we had a great time!  Next stop: Hopkinton, MA!

— Michelle