November 2009

The week before Thanksgiving the exhibit was hosted by Ridgecrest Church in Springfield, MO.  The West Coast team spent the week in this amazing town and met lots of great people.  The exhibit was held in an entertainment complex called Remingtons, and it was a joy to be there — it was also the very FIRST time the Experience has even been to the same location twice!

One of the volunteers who was serving in the sponsorship area was really excited about choosing a child to sponsor.  During her fourth time walking through the Experience she saw a little girl she immediately fell in love with.  She couldn’t stop looking, praying, and thinking about her.  However, before she had started going through the Experience she decided to pick a child who’s birthday matched the birthday of her deceased husband.  She was debating, and decided to sponsor this little girl anyway – it wasn’t until she was already serving a couple hours later that she looked at the little girl’s PF again and saw that the birthday was the same as her husband.  She said she must have read it wrong before, and couldn’t stop crying because she knew it was meant for her to sponsor this little girl.

God worked in amazing ways through this community.  Thank you to the hundreds of volunteers who spent so much time serving the community of Springfield!

We had the pleasure to be in Hudsonville, MI at Fair Haven Ministries for the week of Nov 1-8. It was a great week to get to know the fantastic people of Fair Haven and see thousands of people within the community become engaged in the fight against HIV and AIDS. We met many churches, youth groups, and college students who came from around the Grand Rapids area to Step into Africa.

The church hosts a supper every Wednesday night that the church and community are invited to attend. This week they opted to host a Broken Bread Poverty Meal in place of a full dinner to raise awareness about the many children in emergency food situations where a simple meal of porridge is their only food for the day. It was a great chance for adults and children alike to experience something beyond their comfort level.

Thank you to the hundreds of volunteers and great planning team who helped make this week happen.