Dear Friend,

Hello again from the World Vision Experience: AIDS Tour Staff! We are excited to be sharing our second email with you as we celebrate the ongoing journey of the tour and the immense impact you, as volunteers, have made. We hope you had a chance to stop in at our new blog and read about Ange’s story. (If you missed the first email, check your inbox!)

As Ange shared it is easy for statistics to leave us feeling paralyzed. We may become overwhelmed by the need or perhaps are at the end of our resources. However, there is still something we can do. Chris Hennig, a former Tour Staff member, realized that he may not be able to single handedly sponsor thousands of children, but he knew many people who could sponsor just one. In March of this year Chris began a 2200 mile journey hiking the Appalachian Trail which runs from Georgia to Maine. He created a blog that he uses to share his own struggles and accomplishments as he hikes but most importantly he uses his blog as a platform to make new friends and share the message of sponsorship. By sharing his story he is telling many others how they can make a difference in the life of a child.

As a volunteer, you rose above the statistics and demanded that urgent action be taken to bring children hope. Now, we ask you remember the excitement you felt at the exhibit and share what you learned with someone else. Imagine, if you shared sponsorship with just one person, and the thousands of others of volunteers did the same thing, we could make a huge difference!

Just as you did when you first entered the exhibit, step out of your world, pretend to put those headphones on, but this time, take a journey down the Appalachian Trial. Learn how Chris is sharing the message of sponsorship.

Talk to you soon, Jonathan Brown, Sr. Tour Manager & the World Vision Experience: AIDS Tour Staff